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Parable Story card set

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After several years of making Bible story materials for our own family, I’m now delighted to be able to offer some of these resources for others to use!


This story card set contains 8 cards, covering 4 parables from the book of Luke. Each story cards offers a simple guide for reading and examining the chosen text. Families are encouraged to playfully re-enact the stories together and wonder aloud about the greatness of God.

Included verse cards serve to aid in memory work, with one side giving the full verse and the opposite side giving just the first letters of each word (a stair-stepped approach to verse memory).




Pair this with our Large Learning Board to help bring the parable stories to life!


Want to dig even deeper? A full 4-week curriculum will help you expand this into a more hands-on study that includes recipes, nature studies, music and art appreciation (recommended for ages 3-9). Perfect for morning time, or adding into an existing homeschool curriculum. A beautiful illustrated poster set that compliments this study is also now available by Brighter Day Press!


A versatile, seed-shaped tray (sold separately) has also been designed to accompany this study and serve as a central focal point for re-enacting Bible stories.