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In the Garden Parables study (digital bundle)

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Dive into four parable stories told by Jesus through this 4 week hands-on study! There’s something in here for everyone - from preschool to upper elementary age. Print as much or as little as needed for your whole family.


In the study, you’ll be memorizing 4 short verses, learning the hymn ‘In the Garden’, looking at art by Monet, re-enacting 4 key Bible stories, going on nature walks, and listening to 2 pieces by Antonio Vivaldi.


Alongside our parable study, we’ll also look more closely at soil, ants, seeds and trees.

This digital bundle includes:

  • Parent Guide with weekly devotionals, a month long reading plan for the book of Luke, and planning lists

  • 4 memory verse cards

  • 4 recipe cards

  • Picture book list

  • Student notebook, designed for 1st-5th graders, with copywork pages, hymn study, picture study, nature studies and music study

  • Preschool pack designed for pre-K through Kindergarten, with activity sheets and extension ideas


Optional add-ons:

A full parable story materials set (sold separately) is available to accompany this guide.


A versatile, seed-shaped tray (sold separately) has also been designed to accompany this study and serve as a central focal point for re-enacting Bible stories.


A beautiful illustrated poster set that compliments this study is also now available by Brighter Day Press!



Do I need to buy the parables pouch set to go along with this?

This is a full bundle of digital content, designed to foster a meaningful 4 week study of select parables from the book of Luke. They are best used in tandem with the wooden parable sets (sold separately) that help reinforce content through playful engagement, but this can be easily be used as a stand alone guide. In fact, I’d encourage you to make your own story materials to coincide!


Can I get a printed copy?

At this time, we’re only able to offer the digital bundle. This allows you to print as many copies as you may need for your family to complete the study.


Do I need to purchase a lot of extra books to do this?

No! In the parent guide, I list which books are recommended and which you can easily do without. Many of the books are also likely to be found in your local library.


I’m not a Christian, is this a study for me?

Sure! There are devotionals, Bible readings and supplemental materials that point back to a Christ-centered worldview and we welcome anyone who wants to look more closely at the teachings of Jesus.