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Snowflake Star Braider

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Learn to make 7-cord friendship bracelets in just a few minutes!  This handheld braiding loom is an easy way to introduce handcrafts to your child and is great for simple, on-the-go, screen-free fun.  


This product is handcrafted with cherry wood and finished with all-natural coconut oil.


To use:

Cut 7 lengths of yarn and tie the ends together. Place the knot in the hole, with the short tails of the knotted side sticking out of the back, and the long pieces sticking out of the front.  Place one strand of yarn in each slot (one will be empty).


To begin braiding, rotate the snowflake so that the empty slot faces you. This makes the braiding loom easier to work with.   Skipping two strands to your right, grab the third and bring it to the empty slot.  Rotate the braider so that the now-empty slot faces you and repeat, being sure you skip two strands each time. 

Be sure to tug on the braided cord (through the middle hole) as you go to keep yarn pieces taut and easier to work with.


To watch a helpful video to see the braider in action, check out the highlights from @yellowcanoestudio on Instagram.