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Yellow Canoe Studio

Mancala "Busy Bees" game board

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This double-sided board can be used to play the traditional game of Mancala: a two-player strategy game of trying to capture as many pieces as you can.


Or try playing it our way!  "Busy Bees" is a game we designed to illustrate the process of pollination.  Each player acts like a 'bee,' stopping to pollinate each flower (pit along the way) and the objective is to collect as many pollen pieces as you can in your garden (the larger pit on the side of the game board).   

We recommend you use beans, gems, felt balls or small stones as game pieces.  You'll need 48 pieces in all to play.  Pictured: yellow glass gems.


Handcrafted and laser-engraved board measures 5 x 16 x 3/4" and comes with playing instructions.