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Yellow Canoe Studio

Double Sided Solar System Board + Game

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This large learning board comes with corresponding label coins (16 in all) designed to help your child get a better grasp on the solar system!  One side features the 8 planets at the top and a dot grid to recreate planets and constellations (try playdough or q-tips!)  The other side displays the solar system.  Paired with the label coins, this board helps with planet sequencing and quick identification.

This item is lovingly handcrafted with maple hardwood, sealed with mineral oil and sized at 12x9x3/4”.  



Optional add-on: Race to the Sun game

Add to the fun with the game "Race to the Sun" (a playful take on the old fashioned game of Tiddlywinks). Using the solar system side of the learning board, players will take turns being Asteroids or Rockets, flipping wooden discs to see who can get to the sun first!

Game set comes with a printed instruction sheet and 12 wooden pieces in a muslin drawstring bag.