Learn to identify spiderwebs + Make a geoboard

Learning Extension Ideas

Preschool (ages 2-4)

Go on a nature walk and look for spiders and their webs

Make hand puppets and sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider

Purchase Bug Figurine set to:

> Recreate a spider web using string and spider figures. Make a large-scale version using a laundry basket, putting stuffed toys or other soft objects tucked inside for your toddler to reach in and get.

> Create a sensory bin filled with rubber bands or yard scraps and bug figures. Invite your toddler to use tongs, tweezers, or a spoon to rescue the bugs from the spiders webby mess.

> Create some black homemade play dough and design a spider.

>Use string to create a large scale spiderweb. It could even be used as part of an obstacle course!

>Check out our SPARK guide and learn to identify 5 types of webs

Elementary (ages 5-10)


In the video, we learned about 5 types of spiderwebs. Use the SPARK guide to help you remember the types.

Go on a few nature walks this week and take your nature journal with you. Can you spot a spider’s web? If so, draw it and label what kind of web you think it might be.

Design a poster to illustrate which spiders are harmful and which are not

Research a type of spider (Black Widow, Tarantula, Orb Weaver, etc) and draw it. Be sure to label the parts.


In the video, we learned that not all spiders use webs to capture their prey. Can you draw a spider that has adaptations suited for killing insects- by jumping? By climbing? By setting other kinds of traps?

Designers, architects and engineers have long been fascinated by spiders and their ability to produce strong webs. Some have used spider silk to produce fishing nets. Can you think of other product uses for spider’s silk?


In the video we learned that spiders have 8 legs, and that most also have 8 eyes. But the Brown Recluse only has 6! Can you solve this story problem?

A group of 10 spiders were found on the back porch: 6 orb weavers and 4 Brown Recluse. How many total spider legs were there? How many eyes?

Make your own spiderweb obstacle course

Rewrite the Itsy Bitsy Spider song using facts you know about spiders