Learn about Coral Reefs + Design Your Own Biome!

Learning Extension Ideas

Preschool (ages 2-4)

Have a family movie night to watch Finding Nemo or Finding Dory

Recreate an ocean with water play or during bath time

Create an ocean scene with food using Goldfish crackers

Play “Finding Nemo” - a twist on hide and seek

Watch a video of jellyfish and recreate using silk scarves or silly dance moves to ‘swim’ around

Take a virtual field trip to a reef

Elementary (ages 5-10)


Research the symbiotic relationship between algae and coral.  Create a “best friends forever” poster describing how both benefit from each other. 

Choose 1 or 2 marine animals that live in coral reefs to research.

Watch Polyps in Peril and discuss steps you can take as a family to reduce your carbon footprint


Reefs are fragile ecosystems that often get damaged from tourists touching or stepping on them.  Can you design goggles, flippers or underwater gloves that might keep this from happening?


research the rate of reef deterioration (coral bleaching) to determine when reefs might altogether become extinct. 

Find out the rate of growth of brain coral.  How much would one brain coral grow in the span of 10 years?  50?  100?