Beetle Buddies + a Build-A-Bug project

Learning Extension Ideas

Preschool (ages 2-4)

Go on a nature walk and record as many kinds of beetles as you can find. Try looking under logs or digging around in the garden to spot some.

Make a firefly suncatcher

Insect Do-A-Dot pages

Purchase Ladybug Life Cycle to:

> Create a mini garden scene to recreate a ladybug’s habitat.

> Create some homemade play dough. Use figurines to make imprints into the dough.

Elementary (ages 5-10)


In the video, Shannon mentioned a couple of “WOW” facts. Do some research to find some more WOWs and make a poster to showcase what you learned about beetles.

Go on a few nature walks this week and take your nature journal with you. Can you spot a beetle? If so, draw it and label what kind you think it might be.

Research a type of beetle (ladybug, titan, rhinoceros, firefly) and draw it. Be sure to label the parts.


In the video, we learned that fireflies glow for several reasons. Can you design a firefly-inspired nightlight? See project idea here

Some beetles are known for their camouflage ability, like the wasp beetle. Spend some time designing and drawing beetles that can camouflage to other animals.


Beetles come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Make a ladybug using construction paper. Take care to make symmetrical sides. Once made, use small black pom poms or black paper circles to setup math equations suited for your child’s age. (for example, how many ways can you come up with 10? Simple addition or subtraction equations, multiplication, etc.)

Drawing lesson: Learn how to draw a Japanese beetle

Drawing lesson: Learn how to draw fireflies in a jar

Try out some bug symmetry drawings