Water & Landform flashcards

Water & Landform flashcards

The Montessori method emphasizes the use of tactile materials to learn new subjects. This methodology can be especially helpful for kinesthetic learners, but often works well with other learning styles as well.

We’ve been learning about landforms and bodies of water in our homeschool studies. To help us remember what’s what, we put together a few simple visual flashcards.

These are really easy to recreate at home! We used wooden slats, sandpaper and paint swatches, but cardboard, poster board, felt, paint or mixed media could be used just as well.

We decided to put these back to back with their counterparts (see example picture below: island and lake) but they can be sequenced any way you find helpful.



  • Gather your materials. We used wooden slats (a pack of 6 I found at Walmart), sandpaper to represent land and blue paint swatches to represent water. We also used scissors and glue.

  • Draw designs, cut and glue to wood.

  • Use as flashcards to help identify common bodies of water and landforms. These would also be fun to recreate with playdough or set up as sensory bins.

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