Tablescapes for $6 or less

Tablescapes for $6 or less

Our weeks can sometimes fill up with lots of things, but making time to sit down together for meals is a high priority in our house.  

While I finish up making dinners each night, my daughters are in charge of setting the table.  That typically entails setting out silverware, folding and placing napkins, getting drinks ready, and adding any centerpieces they'd like.  Our youngest loves to go outside to clip flowers (or weeds) and add them to the centerpiece.  Our oldest often lights a candle or sets out a new table runner.  These small, ordinary acts bring us a little closer and remind us to carve out time for delighting in God's beauty and abundance. 

Sometimes, the tablescapes are overflowing with fresh nature finds, and other times it's strinkingly simple.  When we gather around the table, our hearts are filled with gratitude just by carving out time to be together.  

Freshly picked flowers will always be our favorite centerpiece of choice, but we have collected an assortment of faux greenery and flowers from the Dollar Tree that we sometimes like to rotate into the mix as well.  Each example picture below was made with $6 or less of materials from the Dollar Tree.  Yay for budget-friendly options!

I designed the new Four Seasons table wreath with families like ours in mind.  Kids can use the wreath as a blank canvas each time they're asked to set the table, or mom can bring it out on special occasions as she chooses.  The outer recessed ring is great for filling up with greenery or small tea lights.  The raised middle circle can be for a vase, candle or salt and pepper shakers.  It's an intentionally simple and versatile design.  

The wreath is crafted with cherry wood and polished with food safe, all-natural coconut oil, so it could also double as a serving platter if desired.   

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