Ideas for observing Lent with kids

Ideas for observing Lent with kids

I’ve mentioned here before, I didn’t grow up in a church that observed Lent. And up until I got married and we attended an Anglican Church, I was pretty clueless on what the season was all about. I think I just assumed the 6 week pre-Easter season was only for people who attended liturgical churches and let’s be honest, the idea of giving up chocolate wasn’t all that appealing. ;)

I laugh about it now, but I still wish the season was held in higher regard among wider circles of Christ-followers. 15 years in, and I’m still learning so much! If we were chatting over coffee, I’d argue that to fully understand the gospel hope of Jesus - the magnitude of His life, death and resurrection - we must first understand the gravity of our own sin and why we so desperately need His redeeming in the first place.

The season of Lent is formally observed over the course of 40 days (46 if you count Sundays) leading up to Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. It’s traditionally a season for Christ followers worldwide to prepare their hearts. Much like the season of Advent helps you slow down and savor the incarnational miracle of God-made-flesh at Christmas, the season of Lent offers you an opportunity to walk in the wilderness and to more deeply yearn for the Great Redeemer. (which makes Easter morning all the more glorious to celebrate!)

For many, the 6 weeks may be marked by repentance, confession, humility, sacrificing comforts, and a renewed commitment of faith. Sometimes it includes fasting, Scripture memory, or more outward acts like decluttering your home, participating in service projects, or caring for the needs of others.

There are so many wonderful resources out there to help families thoughtfully walk through the season! And depending on the ages and stages of your kids, some ideas may be more pertinent than others. For my part, I’ve designed a handful of resources for my own family and church to use. Many of these can now be found in the new collection CULTIVATE.

It’s my prayer that these resources would point you and your kids to Jesus, the true reason for the hope we have!






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