DIY Pressed Flower Bookmarks

DIY Pressed Flower Bookmarks

My husband bought my daughters the sweetest little bouquets for Valentines Day. They never want to part with their beloved flowers, even as they started to wilt… and who could blame them? They were so pretty and extra special. :)

So we decided to press some of them and make a special project with them. This is a really easy project that has really pretty results! The hardest part is having the patience for the flowers to flatten and dry.


Step 1: press and dry your selected flowers (I recommend giving this at least 2-3 weeks)

Step 2: make your bookmarks!

Gather supplies:

dried flowers

laminating machine with 3 ml or 5 ml thickness laminating pouches



  1. Determine approximate size of your bookmarks before placing any flowers in the laminating pouch. We chose to place our flowers in lines in order to cut them to the sizes we wanted for our books.

  2. Then begin to lay our your flowers in the laminating pouch however you’d like. Use tweezers to handle the most delicate flowers.

  3. Carefully, fold over the second part of the pouch and feed through the laminating machine.

  4. Cut to size

It’s that simple! We plan to use these on the light table and for looking under the microscope too!

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