Around the World

Around the World

Geography is such a fun topic to explore with kids!  Recipes, crafts, STEM projects, biome studies, reading biographies or historical fiction... there are endless ways to weave it all together.

Here are some ways we plan to use the Around the World items in our studies this year.  Follow along with other mamas as they share ideas on IG with #aroundtheworldwithyellowcanoe


Create "continent boxes" with a Flisat table

If you have a Flisat table, our double-sided boards can be used to invite your child into a hands-on way to explore another country.  Tuck small animal figurines, coins or items representative of a country's culture into a bin.  Investigate each item together and wonder aloud about the similarities and differences of another culture and way of life to your own.


Build biome maps

We plan to use our mason jar or continent trays to recreate biomes and animal habitats.  We'll pair it with our favorite biome resources: map and biome cards from Wild Feather Edu or Stephanie Hathaway the book Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth. Our family loves using kinetic sand, playdough, felt balls, small rocks and faux greenery to build biomes but anything you can round up is fair game here!


Continent stampers with playdough

My preschooler loves to learn alongside big sister, so using the continent stampers will give her a fun introduction to each continent.  


SPARK lessons

We may also circle back around to some of the free SPARK lessons to review concepts and revisit art projects as we're able.



Other favorite resources

As time allows, I hope to pull out some of my other favorite resources to incorporate them into our studies.  Each of these content-creators has done a wonderful job of creating meaningful unit studies, so I highly recommend going to their sites to check them out!

Unit studies

Little World Wanderers

Thistle and Biscuits

Harbor and Sprout

Fiddlesticks Education

Stephanie Hathaway



Hands-on geography 

USA talking map

Little Passports

USA cookbook

Around the world cookbook


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