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Yellow Canoe Studio

Cloche Jar tray

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This is a twist on our popular jar tray, designed to resemble a glass cloche jar.  The overall size is approx 9.9 x 6.5" with a recessed pocket area size of 8.5 x 6” giving you plenty of room for sensory play. The tray has 1 groove at the bottom, making it easy to use with flashcards or printables.


Here are 4 ways we like to use ours:

  • paired with the book Animalium or The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth to construct mini biomes

  • salt tray for letter tracing

  • building small worlds

  • cutting board & snack tray


This product is handcrafted and sealed with natural coconut oil.  It is suitable as a cutting board and food-safe. But we do not recommend putting in the dishwasher or soaking. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. Coconut oil can be reapplied every few months to keep the board looking its best.  Available in hard maple (lighter in color) or cherry (pictured).